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Technical forum issue


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I'm not sure where to post this but am unable to paste text when starting a new topic? is there a way around this? anyone else have this problem?

Especially annoying when trying to embed photos.



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well the saga continues, am still unable to embed images properly. Using the same codes as I have previously on forums the IMG code from photobucket and the link is coming up but not the photo. Jay762 was kind enough to embed the photo's in my for sale ad (thanks a lot I owe you a pint) but it would be better if I could do it. The first one works as shown below but none of the others work (again using ie on win 8.1) will try chrome in the next post below to see if it is ie. But anyone have any idea what it could be?



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At the top of the topic box are you clicking the tree like picture and copying the direct link into it from photobucket. Should be as easy as that 

If you still unsure Steve sorted some videos out just look for the upload picture video :) 


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Just had a look at the sales post mate you need to use the direct link and click that tree thing and paste it in there it will show the picture up before you post most of the time. 

I updated the amp ones on your post I will let you test the wheel one for yourself :) 


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