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2008/9 Legacy 2.0D what to look for?


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Hi all, Im new here and looking to buy a 2008/9 Subaru Legacy 2.0D Estate in the near future.


Im hoping to view a couple this weekend and was wondering if there was anything in particular I needed to be looking out for?






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Wotcha and welcome - also check rear wheel arches for any minute signs of rust  - there is a lip inside the arches that holds the crud check that is clear and doesnt have stuff sat on it

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Dual mass flywheel failure (vibration issues), issue with early Diesel particulate filter (revised to close type).

Crankshaft/main bearing issues on pre 2010 cars, had at least 4 revisions to crank & block changes, few owners globally have had snapped cranks on early diesels. Could be oil feed issue to a bearing causing failure or crank production issue but not much feedback on it to conclude ...

going cam chain was great move & something that should of been done long ago on the petrol boxers, not all maintenance jobs on the diesel are easily carried out with engine in situ so some nasty labour bills can occur if you unlucky.

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Hi All,


New to the forum. Also looking for any pointers on buying a Diesel Legacy- were 08 the first generation and would I be better going the extra price of 09+ so any early issues are ironed out?




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