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Subaru SA718 Fuel Additive / Subaru Upper Engine Cleaner SA459


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back in Australia i use both Subaru SA718 Fuel Additive and Subaru Upper Engine Cleaner SA459 for my Forester, this with good results.


so back in the UK having again a Forester of i went to my trusty Mitsubishi/Kia/Subaru parts dealer in Crawley. i used these guys over many years when having a L200 and later a Sorento before.


only to be told never heard of it :o


any one here in the UK who bought and used it?



the link to Subaru Australia; http://www.subaru.com.au/parts/catalogue/fuel-system-carbon-maintenance?ref=mobile



regret i didn't stock some in my sea container...


i know in the US they have Seafome what doesmore or less the same thing as the Subaru upper engine cleaner.

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Yeah that was by far the best thing about it I don't care for the results that on it's own looked fun. I might wait until I'm at an event or a meet then bang some through :D


bear in mind if you do, you want to do an engine oil change after ;)

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