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Scooby Pete

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I want to make up some show plates for Jap fest and need a decent sized version of the logo.

I'm going to make them from Paper and print off front and rear, so we can put them on the cars at the club stand. Also this will mean you reg doesn't get plastered all over the interweb from people taking pics.


this is too small to enlarge to number plate size :(




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I assume you could do with the original vector - I could also do with that as I was going to have a set of plastic show plates made up for the same reason


one for Steve... Ill drop him an email

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Yeah did think of Plastic plates How much are they these days?


I was going to use paper so we can just dble sided sticky tape them, saves removing the plates, I've seen a few cars leaving the shows with show plates still attached :D don't think the local bobbies would have been too forgiving as the pull you over :lol:

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Did you ever get your T-shirt Jay ? :D

And from what I've seen the quality is alright it's safe to wash the man way :)

Just waiting to hear back Pete but I might be able to play around and make a large scale one :) 

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