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changing rear discs and front pads


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you may need some penetrating oil / plus gas for the caliper bolts - you can get piston compressors for the calipers but if you are careful a lever will suffice. I always copper grease the surface of the anti squeal plates so the piston doesn't bind, a rubber mallet may be useful if the disc is a little tight, other than that ring spanners or sockets, possibly a philips head screwdriver, not sure if your discs have a retaining screw

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Assuming its a similar design to the classic and most other brakes it is a simple enough job, unless of course you have seized pistons and rounded bolts, then it turns into a bit of a nightmare. other than that very simple. Although I would suggest spraying the caliper bolts with a penetrant the night before and then again before you start, makes it a lot easier to get off in they are seized at all. And then copper grease on the anti aqueeze plates

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