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locking wheel socket


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Just searched everyhwere, and cant find the locking wheel socket for the damn car.


attached pic of the socket i need for the nut.


found this on ebay http://www.ebay.co.uk/itm/Anodised-Locking-Wheel-Nuts-STEEL-Black-M12-x-1-25-Nissan-Subaru-Skyline-WRX-/280947795012


looks similar?


any ideas.


thanks folks


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I had a merc locking nut that had seized on (the old garage using air sockets on wheels malarky) I tried drilling, as it was hardened teh drills would not touch it + welding - couldn't get it out in the end we had to sacrifice the wheel.


have you had the v5 yet - does it have the former registered keeper on it - the dealer will also have the details of where they got it from, before you spend any money push them to help you sort it.


Also why not try a Subaru dealer - see if they have a set of keys - they may be able to get it off for you.


Petes idea is a good one as well - that tends to be the approach a garage will use - impact driver and an Irwin socket

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I had this problem at Brands on a track day, got there and couldn't get the locking nut off as the key was mangeld. Everyone in the pits had a go and we even drove round a few of the local garages trying to get it off, no joy. When I got home I took it to a mates garage and they got it off with a combination of a cold chisle and the Irwin grip nut. Luckily the wheel was ok as it had a dished centre rather than a recess.



Good luck with yours.

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