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Dont tell your mum - kids reaction to Dads car


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Yep I do this a lot :) was told once my cars like being at the fair :D

I still thought my mates reaction on full launch from a standing start was the best wish I had recorded it. bear in mind he's  used to power from motorbikes he actually lifted both his legs up and almost started to go into a fetus potion  :lol:

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"Go fast again", dammit girl do you know how much this is costing me!

Does that not just sound absolutely fantastic? I should've recorded my mates reaction on a 0-60 run it went along the lines of "oh ****, oh ****, OH ****, oh !Removed!, ****... um, that's erm... !Removed! me that's fast, properly sits you back that". Classic I can still picture it as if it was yesterday lost his ability to speak.

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