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noob with Forester XT


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Hi guys.. have been in the JDM scene for a long time. I had a Celica GT4 ST205 that i sold last year and bought a 1.9TDI passat. biggest mistake. anywayz sold the vag last month and imported a 2002 Forester SG5. took delivery yesterday. no good photos yet but you can please ur photo hunger with these.......





now today at work i put it on the ramp to get a good look under it......... very tidy...








now i have a few questions.... why do i have GREEN driveshafts on the back?




is there any significance to them or not ?


also the car came with coilovers  :D  :D  :D  :D  :D  :D  :D





but it seems the !Removed! used the coilovers to raise the car, i want to lower it. my mate thinks if i turn the springs to lower it i will mess up the srping tension and load setting. so can these coilovers be used to lower it ? is there anywhere near birmingham i can take it to for a set-up.





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Wotcha and welcome - that is a clean motor, typical JDM.


The car does not look any higher to me they have proably been used to stiffen up the ride, reduce body roll.


Farmerpug took the STI springs off his car that they cam with and raised it again with standard springs - the thread has good before and after shots



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I have to say a tidy forester in the right colour is a very attractive car, nearly bought one instead of my Impreza, only reason I didn't was because it was an auto!!

From what I know the roads in Japan are much much smoother hence harsher coilovers are ok. But once over here they are too hard. While changing the spring could lower the car it wouldn't do any good to the ride. From what I can see the coilovers are threaded at the bottom so you should be able to lower with the springs you have now with a C-spanner. However this again wouldn't do anything for the ride, apart from potentially make it harder due to shorter spring travel.

Personally I would look at getting a new set installed, heard good things about meister R's and looking at getting a set myself over the summer. Fully adjustable and supple for British back roads. There are plenty of other options out there but last time I checked the Meister's are the cheapest of the good range (although that could have changed by now.) They are expensive but can transform your handling, if too harsh you will just bounce around and been thrown off course which is no fun.

Just my two cents really. Absolutely gorgeous car as I said

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I would do the reverse of what Farmerpug did just get standard shocks with STI springs - cant remember what he did with his - might be worth contacting him as he may have them to sell still - that way you get it lowered but have a reasonable ride

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