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Nissan leaf, fast? very fast leaving the Subies & Evo's in the dust


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friend of my showed me his new pride and joy; he bought a Nissan Leaf 2013/14 :o


he does a lot of driving in and out London for work; pays no congestion charge, no road tax, free parking in many places and free charging.


now we had a little chat and drive around town so to say till he showed me the accelleration speed of this 'family' car! there is some kind of power setting and all i can say is that it's fast till say the first 40mph...


easly blowing away all those Evo and Subbie boy racers at the traffic lights. no gear shifting just in one go bang and off she goes.

sure not a race vehicle at all and will of course lose out going in higher speeds and corners etc due to the fact she's just a simple family car but it shows that those DC electric motors generating real torque. B)


some YouTube guy talking about them

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