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Hi all hawkeye wrx owner


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Hi mate welcome to S.O.C 

I'm a hawkeye fan but don't own one have a bug and a blobeye in the garage. Think be next one to add :)

And if it's the bulb changes you are on about being the worst ever it's just as bad on the others too :( 

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Spoiler looks bit strange from back but never really see it from there lol

Lol no !Removed! auto levelling headlights. At mo I can see 10 foot in front of car, I'm looking to find out what wires power the headlight motors so I can disconnect them

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i wouldn't go disconnecting the self leveling, its an MOT failure if they do not adjust.


I do wonder why they are not very good though, what temperature bulbs are you using in them, 4200k, 5k or higher?

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I thought the MOT and self levelling was only related to HID specific units, does the WRX have HID fitted, thought they were just your normal halogens?

i'm probable wrong but i though the wrx was always spect with hid's?


Ah right hmmmm wonder if you can retrofit a automatic adjuster as the motors are there

My lights are factory fit hid think there 5000k

have a look at some 4200k bulbs, they dont look as white but give a much better light at night. simply the hotter the buld the worse the output, as a rule of thumb.

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