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wheel info please

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I'm not the most clued up person when it comes to 'rims' so need some help.

Looking at going up an inch to 17"s the wheels are from a 03 impreza. I know i'll have to drop to a 50 profile tyre to take into account the bigger size.

The bit i'm not really getting is the offset i think,

Been told the impreza ones are 55mm and mine is 48mm so i'll need spacers 3mm should do. Or the rears will rub. Whats the deal with spacers, do they sit inbetween the hub and wheels ?

Are there any cons to using them.

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Impreza wheels wil stick out further. Ιts measured from the hub to the center line of the wheels. Being a postive offset, when you get into minus offsets that when you have big deep dish wheels

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Thanks for this, still non the wiser i'm hoping to get a 2nd hand set of an 03 car. Do they have a fitment sticker on the inside of the rim ? My old watanabe's had.

If so would make life easier i can see them and compare

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