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Forester SG is finally being sorted.

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Ive had my car a couple of years now, when i bought the car the standard head unit had some liquid spilt on it & would no longer tune in.
So i did away with that & stuck in an Alpine 136BT DAB receiver with hands free.
I went with the wire windscreen antenna to keep it in uniform to the FM loop.

I have now installed rear 5" coax speakers Hertz DCX 130.3 2 way backed with dynamat, next weekend i will be doing the fronts which are 6.5" Component Hertz DSK 165.3 again backed with dynamat.


Im not after big sounds, just crisping up & getting a better sound than the standard system.

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never had a Toyota Rav 4 then :lol:

Nope had Fords BMW's Evo's before I bought the Scoob and never looked back but was one of the 1st thing's I found bad with them. But had no other car make me smile when driving like it does, so I  excuse the poor Stereo equipment, and upgraded them straight away :D  

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I live near the A180. It doesn't matter what you have in the car that road has to be the worst for road noise and boring in the UK. Luckily the only town it leads too is Grimsby. Not sure if it was done on purpose I still think the roads the same from when the Viking was here :D 

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