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import or uk gearbox ADVICE

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i drive a 1994 import impreza turbo and my son says there is play that causes the judder in the steering when you go high speed....( must be high speed never noticed it lol ) now im no mechanic but he says it would be better to get another box but what i want to no if there is a diffrence between import and uk spec ? as theres a guy who sells uk for £120.00 but im guesing i need import box.......


the play in the gearbox is were drive shafts are im not going to try and go into detail as i dont no what im talking about lol....and also a bearing or bearings towards the rear of prop shaft can these bearings be sourced if so were thanx guys

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Uk and jdm boxes are interchangeable (same on the outside) but different ratios.

Therefore you'd need a matching rear diff with a uk 3.54 ratio to fit a uk box

I'd get the wheel balancing and tracking checked as if there out it would give the same symptoms as described but a much cheaper fix ;-)

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