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Engine dress up tips

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Just wondering if people could offer advice and point me in the direction of parts for dressing up my engine bay :) .


I want to get my engine bay looking nice. Swapping hoses will be one of the things, not sure if I will powder coat the inlet just yet as I would need to have the car off the road for a while.


Then I can start my own build thread :D

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Rally tech do dress up kits (bolts, stainless rad covers ect )

I wouldn't go for the cheap as chips silicon hoses, certainly and not if your looking to replace the under inlet intake pipe. As the cheap boost hoses have been known to "suck flat" under high boost .

I've got samco stuff on mine which is expensive but , ASH hoses we're recommended by someone on here and I think I saw a group buy on here somewhere .

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Must say this is the first car I've had were i am happy to spend money to make it look good :). Plan is to replace vacuum hoses and coolant hoses first. Also thinking of spraying WRX on the intercooler

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