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Im stupid -__-

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So tonight I was jumping my Battery to go finish painting my roof rack at my garage but it was dark so I accidently put the jumper cables on wrong :( :( it sparked but not too much to i tried to start it and i got in didnt start (obviosly) then the horn went off and didnt stop till i unhooked jumper cables i put the jumper cables on correct way and nothing works exept parking lights and hazard lights and horn so what have i done and how much does it cost to fix?

Justus F.

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First thing to check is the main fusible link. It is in the relay/fuse box near the Battery. When you have the lid off, it should be the first item nearest the front of the car. It looks just like a piece of wire in a loop. (In fact, that's what it is). Don't, just look at it though, take it out. They have a habit of looking fine but have actually burned through near one of the spade connectors

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