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Throttle body cleaning

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Got my inlet off to paint it but wanting to clean the throttle body up while uranium off what would u reccomend using? And should I take rails and fuel pipes off before I paint it or can I leave them on and tape the the holes up thanks

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Oh sorry thought I had replied to this. I used carb cleaner and an old toothbrush to clean the throttle body. But going with Seafoam when I do an oil change next. 

As for painting I would remove them myself, but Savage might have done his without the need of removing anything. 

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Completely stripped my inlet even though it was already powder coated as the idiot that had fitted it to scoob had used clear sealant instead of gaskets.

Glad I did strip it as it was full of beads and grit from the shot blasting prior to powder coat , so I had it run through my engineers hot wash ,guess I know why his engine went bang and I ended up with a powder coated inlet for a score ;-)

Anyways I cleaned my throttle body with old school gunk and a tooth brush , used a dremmel with a little wire brush to give it a shine and polished it with autosol .Then wiped the inside with petrol and re oiled the moving parts

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