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bit of advice please


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Last night I pulled onto dual carriageway put foot down in 4th. It pulled at first but then for a brief moment lost power and then got it back again. The engine was still running but just didn't have any pull. Lasted a couple of seconds then kicked back in again. Admittedly the car could have done with warming up a bit more before putting foot flat down but would have thought this to be the cause ?

I've noticed it judder slightly before. Say if I'm cruising at 2k revs then put foot down in 4th or 5th it sometimes hesitates before kicking in and pulling away.

Any idea as to what could be happening?

I noticed while I had the down pipe off there was no gasket between turbo and down pipe so have bought one and fitting tomorrow . Not sure if this could be a source of any problems .....

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Not sure if the missing gasket would cause it as its on the output side of the turbo.

Sounds more like Overboost. The turbo builds up pressure, then it gets too much and dumps it, making the car lurch and the boost drops off then comes back up again.

My classic had this issue. There's a small restrictor pill pipe no 2 and changing this cured the over boost.

Have you changed anything on the car recently, that might increase the boost presuure?





hopefully some one with moe knowledge can give a definative answer.

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I shall check that later on then thanks


The only thing i've changed since owning the car is the air filter, took the air box off and fitted a cone filter. Would this cause an issue? I've also got the decat to fit hopefully doing it tomorrow, unless it will cause any problem adding to this problem now?

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I had what sounded like similar problems and was spark plugs. Would pull as it should under light throttle but full throttle resulted in juddering acceleration.

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Ok thanks for that everyone.

Just drove it again and I'd say it's a stutter at low revs rather than a judder if that makes sense. What plugs do you recommend using in the classic ?

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