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How handy are you with a set of spanners ?

Shouldn't be too hard if you have all the tools. Jack stands spring compressors and spanner/wrenches should be all you need.

I've not had the pleasure of attacking the suspension on subarus yet but normally the hardest thing is access.

Just allow yourself pelnty of time and have a sympathetic friend to help (pref one with an interest in cars haha.

Lowering springs + tools + time = job done :-)

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change the springs, you will need a set of compressors and the right spanner - the compressors vary in cost


I have used these type for many years but they can be a bit fiddly




these might be a better design



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I had trouble getting the top mounts off my shocks once as you need to hold the lower body and prevent it from rotating with the compressor on while undoing the top nut. Can be tricky. Do you have local garage/shop you can visit easily ?

I ended up taking the whole shock to the local shop and paying a a small amount and got them to put it on their static machine. What took me an hour on the rear shocks was a 2 min job on the front

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