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My First Subaru


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Hope your having a good day.


I recently got a 2.0 R Sport at the start of Febuary, and its taken me this long to get round to joining and saying hello.


Sadly she is away having some gearbox problems fixed, so have been without it since monday. Hopefully I'll get her back by the weekend.


Not enjoying having to drive the diesel focus again.


Heres a pic.





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Ohhh you will get along with Salsa King he's handy with a camera. :)


Is there an active base of photographers here?


If there is any members local to me I'm more than happy on a weekend to bring my camera and a selection of lenses to take some pictures.


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I know we have a few that do it as a hobby but nothing like what you have done other than Salsa King But more than welcome to make a post to gain interest. Not all members look in here I think they just expect post just like

"HI my names Keith. And I like polythene bags" :)

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I do it as a hobby but don't get much time for it at the moment.

Most of my time is now spent doing. Little bits and pieces to the car. Need to get the dslr out more often myself

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