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gc owners :-)


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Trying to find out what version engine my foz has in it. Need to replace some hoses that are on there last legs.

With various peoples help (cheers sav) I thought I'd narrowed it down but looking at james' edm 2000 foz it would appear not. Since found out that the euro foz had a different engine config untill my01.

Most noticeably coil pack on the side and a bov located on the ic.

I'll pop one of mine up in a bit cheers

My coil sits straight on top of the inlet and I'm LED to believe the bov is somewhere down the pipework to the right being a recirc type, initially I thought mine is a v3/4 but now I'm thinking maybe 4/5 ? All I know is that it uses the same engine as some gc wrx's

So if anyone post a pic of there stock ish engine bay with tmic I can start to narrow it down

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V3/v4 are the same under the bonnet bud here's a pic of mine (before the mods )


Coil pack in the center of the inlet and recirc valve is attached to the black pipe coming of the top of tmic

v5/v6 are the same under the bonnet they have coilpack ofset on the inlet and recirculation valve directly fitted to the tmic

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It must have been a long time ago that your engine looked like that :-D

Thanks for that you are a valuable source of knowledge fella

So if I get a v3 intercooler pipe set it should fit.

Whats missing from the right of the alternator ? Aircon unit?

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Looks like a v3/v4 engine to me (defo v3/v4 tmic )

Why not upgrade to a v3 / v4 sti tmic cos they have a better flow and a stronger bigger "y " pipe .

here's a pic of my v3 inlet fliped round so you can see the recirc valve with the pipe to tmic still attached


As for knowing a bit about v4 and older scoobs it's a shame , cos my mrs thinks it's usless info ...

well unless she smokes another car on the way back from tescos :-D

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I take it the ic swop would require a remap ?

My y pipe was looking prettty haggard when I took it off last time, been looking and the v3 sfs kit is different to the forester kit the y pipe seems to be a smoother shape



Sent from my SM-T210

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Not sure if they look different tbo as its a different angle have you tried to find the part numbers of them (or samco ect ) to see if they're the same ?

First pre remap engine mods I did were...

resonator delete removed the box off the intake under the wing allowing more air in

k&n pannel filter

cobra bell mouth sports cat

and sti tmic

as you don't need a map for those but , when you do map there's more to be gained ;-)

here's a pic of my old v3/v4 sti tmic showing the ally hard pipe and reinforced turbo outlet hose that comes as standard on the sti's


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Not really investigated it that thoroughly as it's on the list of bits to replace, have had to sort tax and insurance this month before anything else wss ticked off, had a full cobra system fitted in march so that's one less thing to do [emoji16]

Sent from my SM-T210

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