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dash light's (clocks etc)


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after installing a working cigarette lighter my dash, centre console and shifter lights don't work when i turn my headlights on i checked the fuse and surprise surprise the fuses had blown so i replaced it with another equal value fuse tried again and it blew instantly have checked the wiring to the lighter and can't see any issues with that so anyone know what else could be causing it?

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Somethings obviously overloading the system,

Is there the correct fuse in place for the cig lighter under dash ? May be worth checking both boxes.

If they are present and correct maybe see if it needs grounding ?

Cluyching at straws here but worth a try

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sounds like you have an earth somewhere - remove the lighter socket and just have the connector wires in place - see if it blows again, if not it is an issue with the socket - if so you need to check the wiring - you may have chafed some insulation causing a ground during installation

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