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Cheers people!! The guy who's mapping ιt ιs fitting ιt all for me! I shall just watch ɑnd learn! He knows scoobies inside out!

Can't afford the car to be off-road while I do ιt myself!! ( if I still had a 2nd car then I would)

Tbh for the price he's charging then I'd be a fool not too! He's well known ɑnd respected. His 600+ hp classic ιs feckin awsome lol

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If it's a good price and unsure on doing it yourself, and you're getting it done as well as a map at the same time I agree best to let him do it then :) 


And no worries mate be left open for a bit now :) 

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No not yet. I need a bigger intercooler! But the fueling suggests around 350 ιts a bit laggy but pulls lιke a train all the way to the limiter. Td04 dropped off way early. Ordered a cooler so as soon as that's here ιt will go back foc then rolling roaded

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I thought it was running standard boost (hadn't been mapped b4)

Vf 35 will definitely kick in later than the tdo4 , but won't tail off at the top .

Tbo I'm not 100% about your upipe as all classic ones are catless .

I think harvey trick upipes have some of the best results I've read due to being the right size for the individual spec.

Either way it's a nice increase in power bud , good choice [emoji6]

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