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hatchback wrx panel filter

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Yo agen. Lol
On the look out for a decent panel drop in filter that causes no damage to maf sensor.
Read that aem dry filter are decent.
Been looking at cosworth filter but unsure if great :/
Just all I see is negative things about k&n too much oil too much problems blah blah.


Recommendations and why wud be amazing thanks

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But non re-usable :/ seems like aem dryflow is the on par. ?

Some peope say u need to remap with a filter. Can it hold off untill I get exhaust fitted ? Do them together. Also any idea that a remap costs around 500 pound due to first license ? But the cobb accessport is around 500 pound and can do.multiple remaps ? Already saved ?

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you don't need a remap with just the filter, hold off until you get the exhaust as well. either of those filters are fine however you will find the majority of the oil free ones are consumable as the filter to catch particles is that fine it blocks up then cannot be washed hence the use of oil in the washable ones the filter is noot as fine but oil captures the smaller particles which can be washed off.




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Nothing to add as Jay has covered it all. I'm running a Cossie one at the moment and just had the car serviced aswell so it won't need replacing for a fair while.

Only way to avoid the panel filter is to go for an induction kit.

The remap for £550 will be the license and 1st map. Then maps after will cost you from £150. You can buy an other ECU which will have a licence included so you can remap them, however if you don't know what you are doing you will still need to pay the £150 for a mapper so cost wise it's horses for courses.

Bear in mind you can get anti lag & launch control added to your standard ECU.

Talk to


about mapping options he is one of the best in the country.

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