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New Impreza GB270 owner

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Hi there

I have just bought a 2007 GB270 Wagon and having enjoyed 7-years with my 3.0 litre Spec B Legacy Tourer. That was an excellent car, the handling in particular. It had 240 BHP and could have easily handled another 50 without any problem at all.

I just hope the Wagon handles as well, if not better !

Looking forward to being on the Forum. I'm a fan of Subaru but also have a 2006 MX5 and access to a 2008 RX-8

Looking forward to the next chapter of Scooby ownership !


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Hi mate welcome to S.O.C 

Not taking anything away from Spec B but I would think it will :) 

But please feel free to join in on the threads great bunch on here and we have some previous and current member who owns Mx5 ;) a Pommy and my perm looks great :D 

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Thanks all. Yeah looking forward to GB270 ownership. Got into Jap stuff after 5- years on TVRs. I don't think I will be heading back that way. Too temperamental.

GB270 is completely standard, other than braided brake lines. Looking to keep it that way :)

Or then again..... :)

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