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Jim Clark Rally Crash 'two spectators are killed' at popular event.


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A number of spectators have been left seriously injured after being hit by a car at a popular rally event.

Emergency services are currently at the Jim Clark Rally in the Scottish Borders following the accident.

According to Sky News, a 49-year-old man has died following the collision.

The event has now been cancelled with immediate effect.



Jim Clark Rally organisers said in a statement on Facebook: “The Jim Clark Rally was stopped on SS16 earlier this afternoon following an incident.

“Police and Medical personnel are in attendance at the scene. A further statement will be issued in due course.”

As reported by the BBC, there are unconfirmed reports that a number of spectators are seriously injured.

The accident took place near Little Swinton near Coldstream. An air ambulance is also on scene.

The event is the only closed road tarmac rally on the UK mainland.

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Doesn't every Circuit & track state along with the tickets Motor sport can be dangerous.

Whilst this is extremly sad and a tragedy for the families involved, it would be a shame for this historic event to be canceled for good.

Indeed they do, I attend the British F1 GP every year along with all the endurance racing and some BTCC races, it's does state that Motorsport can indeed be dangerous.

I don't know about you guys, and it's not the case with me but I know of a few people who attend Motorsport races and hope for accidents :(

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A sad day for rallying.

Feel for the families of those injured and killed and the drivers/navigators involved as will be terrible for all.

Trouble is rallying can still have spectators close to the track whereas circuits they are protected.

I do hope there are no repercussions on the sport for this though as health and safety could destroy it :-(



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I think we watch these not for the crashes but we expect at anytime there could be a big crash, I don't think anyone wants to see anyone get hurt but it does get the adrenaline going for spectators and it is a part of the sport. But people hoping or just watching it for the big crash clearly knows nothing about motorsports and need a head check I don't think I could be bothered to sit next to anyone who wants that, or want to waste my time with people like that. 

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Echo what others are saying in that I hope this doesnt have heavy repercussions down the line -Ireland hosts many tarmac rally stages with great success, pity it has seemed to have fizzled out over here - RIP and thoughts to the families of those involved :(

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It has now emerged that two crashes happened at the rally today, leaving three dead and six injured.

The crashes at the Jim Clark Rally happened within hours of each other.

Police said the most serious crash took place at about 4pm when a rally car came off the road near Kelso, hitting spectators.

Three were pronounced dead at the scene and a fourth is in a critical condition in Edinburgh Royal Infirmary.

Two hours earlier, a rally car hit five people.

Four were treated at the scene and another is in a serious condition in hospital.

Police Scotland said the the rally was cancelled after the fatal crash.



Scotland's First Minister Alex Salmond has now released a statement on the crash at the Jim Clark Rally today.

He said: “This is desperately sad and difficult news from the Borders of the tragic circumstances that have occurred at the Jim Clark Rally.

“The police have confirmed three fatalities and my thoughts are with all of those involved and the families and loved ones of those who have lost their lives.

"The Government is in contact with Police Scotland and we await the outcome of their inquiries.

“The Jim Clark Rally is a longstanding event of over 40 years.

"It is much loved in the Borders and by the rally driving community who I know will share in our sadness at what is a black day for the Borders and for Scotland.”



A window on the car has been smashed and parts of the bodywork are bent out of shape.

It looks as though the road the vehicle was travelling along was extremely narrow.





I can see this being bad for this 40 year sport :( I mean that with the upmost respect of the families and friends of the deceased. I think it's only hope now is the families to come out and say they  died being at a sport they loved and the rules should not be changed. People just need to take responsibilities of their own action. But with my early Insurance issue this week I can see some people wanting a massive pay out :( 

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