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Forester wind noise


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Hi all,

My 2003 Foerester suffers from wind noise around the "gaiter" sealing the window near the door mirror.

It would seem that the rubber has distorted over time.

Pressing the rubber against the glass cures it, but I obviously can't keep my hand there all the time!

Does anyone know where I can get replacement parts at sensible prices for this or better still, any way repair the ones that are fitted?




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Well known and common fault. Has the top corener where it meets the galss split yet ? There's all kinds of remedies on the web for it depends on how extreme you want to go.

Only way to properly cure it is to order the rubber gaiters from subaru, trouble is yoy need to remove half the door to re fit them.

As mr b says usual quick fix is to pad it out.

Who ever owned my car before me went to the trouble of fitting wind deflectors to stop it. Wsste of money it doesn't


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