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newbie here, that's gonna need some help

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Hi all I have just bought a 1997 legacy GTB5, it's been off the road for a while and not in bad condition! I have some parts, and a few for a 92 legacy 

I have a way to go but keen ;)

if anyone in worthing area is interested in helping a little even if just advise please let me know 


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I would always give our clubs insurance a try unfortunately does mean old school insurance hunting I always found the compare websites a joke ADRIAN FLUX least with Flux we have Dan on the forum who can help with any problems and you should get 15% discount with being a club member 


others worth a try 


Our club insurance rival  :unsure:


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Update on day four  in the new Scooby house.


Insurance done, (I decided to get traders insurance, yes I was more but worked out better for me


Sunfoof fixed


Back wiper fixed


Clifford alarm silenced lol 


Pre mot done, and not much to do! 

A couple of lights, 1 seized caliper and some exhaust blows and a perished tyre and a few minor bits

Not bad for almost two years of sitting in a garden 

Exhaust, tyre and a few other bits today so not long now 

GrinnIng lol 

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You're welcome to add them on here at the bottom of the forum in the parts section. 




Swaps and sales on facebook. A few subaru parts for sales pages on facebook too 






I've actually never used it for parts 

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Hi ya 

Need an exhaust, 97 gtb5 twin turbo, second hand mine has seen better days,  but getting bodged for mot


As for now being a fellow Subaru owner, was by luck! Had a s reg 318 with a year's mot lined up to buy for £1000


Then i saw her, across a crowded gumtree page, and fell in love, she had been parked up in a back alley and had no mot no tax but she came to life, and now I'm hooked :-)


Love the legacy 

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ok guy and girls we are getting there  :D


however still having problems with the horn not working!!


when i push the horn i hear the relay clicking but no horn, i put power to the horn and they work so not the horns! ????

any idea's please???

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now for the good stuff!!!


got my garage to sort the exhaust and give the plugs and coil packs a clean and OMG!!! she is running great still need to service oil filters etc and some cleaning stuff but had her up to a ton and not a blip! not bad as she came out of retirement on sat after almost two years :D 

can't wait to get her up and running 100%

love this car :ph34r:  

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