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Racing driver flips car TWICE at 120mph and escapes with four stitches and bruises


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Crash: Wallace Menzies has been discharged from hospital
This is the dramatic moment a racing driver flipped his car at 120mph and somersaulted through the air before landing in a ditch.

Wallace Menzies, 42, remarkably escaped from the wreckage with just bruises and a broken cheekbone.

Menzies was competing in the Shelsey Walsh hillclimb race in Worcestershire when he lost control and careered off the track on Sunday.

Spectators could only watch in horror as the driver's DJ Firestorm car was sent flying through the air and flipped twice before crashing into a steep hillside.



Smash: Wallace Menzies flipped his car at 120mph

Paramedics and marshals rushed to the scene and freed him from the wreckage before taking him to hospital.

The Scottish driver, was discharged from hospital just hours later with minor injuries - and is now said to be preparing for his next race later this month.

A statement released by the Midland Automobile Club said: "Following Wallace Menzies' accident yesterday we are pleased to report he was released from hospital in the early hours of this morning (Monday) with four stitches, a cracked cheek bone and bruising.



Wreckage: The DJ Firestorm is taken away

"He is in good spirits and saying it felt like a rough game of rugby and asked it he could have a refund!

"Wallace wishes to thank all the marshals and medical services for their quick response and for the wishes and support from everyone else.

"He hopes to be out at Doune and back at Shelsey later this year."




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Bit of gaffa tape and some cable ties and he could have made his next timed run :-).

Very lucky guy and a very strong car. Spectators looked a bit nervous about the wheel flying at them.

Marshalls looked to be on it quickly though. Unsung heroes those guys. Couldn't do it without them!,



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