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Newbie from Leeds

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Hi all, pick my first Subaru up today all being well....WRX in black on a 56' plate with FSH and in mint condition. Look forward to speaking more on the forums in the future and getting pictures up. Hopefully there will be some local enthusiasts on here in Leeds area?

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Hi mate welcome,

Things in leeds are a little quiet at the mo, had a couple of meets with varing success.

I'm not gonna be able to make the Sheffield one tonight as on holiday, but if you can get down it's worth it.

We have the northern big one at lightwater valley on the 29th coming up too. A few of us will be attending that.

Which part of leeds you from ?

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We do have a built in Gallery on the site but I use photobucket and you use the direct link once you have uploaded it to PB then use the little try symbol above the reply to thread text box paste the link in the little window hit ok forums does the rest :D 

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No I didn't make it unfortunately. Shame it wasn't tonight instead. I will get to the next local one hopefully though. I have some questions about the sound from my head unit - shall I post in seperate section on forum? Thanks I'm glad you like it. I am just amazed how rapid they are with the torque from the turbo. I did own an RX8 and I thought that was quick...I was wrong!

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Yeah I'd either post up in the general or electrical section. More people will view it then.

I know what you mean avout the power delivery :-D

This is my 1st turbo'd car and it always makes me chuckle when giving it a bit.

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