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Subaru Impreza GT 99


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Hi All,


As I commented before, I have my ex scooby in germany, its a 99 Impreza GT, it has around 142.000 Miles on it and must be done the gaskets (I believe so...) and thats it :)


I asked to get it here by truck since I moved from germany an year ago, and I didnt used since then... and it costs around 900 pounds, but its on a garage right now and they could repair it so you could drive it to England and save cash :)


I has some nice improvements, like HKS Exahust, HKS spark plugs, HKS oil filter, new oil, new 2 tyres, etc...



Dont know the price, since its in germany and the gaskets has to be changed... :P

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Yup... it has some quite few extras for someone who wants to tune it... I would keep it, but already bought one since I NEEDED a car... and for this one I had to do some paperwork, bring it to here and fix it, which is not much work, its just matter of wait and fix it, and thats it... :P


Wondering if I had both of them here, how much would the insurance be... if its cheaper for the 2nd car, then I might keep it... dont know...

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