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Hella Super Tones

Scooby Pete

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Fitted the hella supertones today. You have to take the whole from bumper off!!! Took me about 4.5 hours, reckon about about an hour was spent going backwards and forwards to my garage at the back off the house.

Front bumper off. It's pretty easy, there are a few fasteners on top off the grill, 4 or 5 on each wheel arch and four underneath holding the under tray on.

You could do it just removing the grill but you have to take the under tray off to get to 4 screws at the bottom off the grill so it was easier just to whip the bumper off and leave the under tray on the car.


I copied the subiemods bracket and made one myself for £15 inc getting a metal workshop to cut it out for me.


Made up my own wiring harness using felxitube and heat shrink to tidy all the ends up. Didn't take a pic of that though :(

Mounted the really to the side of the relay/fuse box.


Finally got the bumper back on and everything back in place. Works a treat, I left one of my stock horns connected in case the separate fuse on the hella loom blows so I still have a horn.


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Yeah lot of people do this but after Reading up on it it seems using the separate loom with a direct feed from the Battery means they are louder than running of the stock loom. Also the thin wires the stock horns use can melt if you get a short or something, using higher rated wire in the separate loom avoids this and also having separate loom and fuse means you won't loose all your horns if something goes.

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