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Window Wind noise


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Has anyone tried to address this problem?

My windows seals are showing their age and I get quite a bit of noise. The majority of my driving at the moment is motorway so I'd like to get it sorted. I've watched a few YouTube videos showing people slotting in some rubber beading into the seal running around the top oh the frame and I've seen people hair drying and clamping the triangular rubber bit on the door.

Has anyone done one of these or replaced the seals with new ones?

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Bitman on here has a guide, cant post link ? It's in he forester section at the mo,

If you want to change the gaiters/ triangle bits it's a bit of a mission by all accounts you have to remove most if the inside of the door to get at them.

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I had a look at mine recently in the hope of doing this, but my trim doesn't seem loose enough to get any rubber seal type material in there. Is it only the face lifted SG that is like this, not my pre-facelift?

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