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Any playground? :P


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Just wondering if apart from the Trackdays, there was any "playground" to have fun with the car... :) any place where no one cares/go, or something like a trackday but a little bit for offroad for example...


The best I believe for a scooby should be a Downhill road or something like that :)

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Round the back of Lindholme prison in Doncaster ;D its hella shady at night but its a half tarmac 1/4 gravel 1/4 sand circuit from an old maintenence access road they rarely use to maintain waterworks to the prison, great fun, wont be doing it in the wrx wagon mind i blew all my shocks last time in my sport -.-


need a dirt bowl meet!!!!!!!!!!!!! an old quarry or something that wont destroy the car!


oh and when my gf was at college i used there gravel coach park to drift round parked coaches lol

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