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F1 A proposal to follow Safety Car periods with standing starts has been approved


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F1's latest idea to ramp up excitement levels looks set to get the green light, with a proposal to follow safety car periods with standing starts approved at a meeting earlier this week.

The idea to do away with rolling starts, which was first proposed by F1's Strategy Group, gained momentum when it was approved by the F1 Commission on Wednesday.

It now needs to be passed by the FIA's World Motor Sport Council when it in turn meets next week, although it's understood that the practicalities must still be worked on if the change is to be implemented next season.

There would be no change to the current procedure after the safety car's introduction - with cars being allowed to pit, form a queue behind the safety car and unlap themselves if necessary. Thereafter, however, they would form on the grid in race order and wait for the lights.

There's no doubt that the spectacle created by a standing start is behind the move, although it does raise the prospect of creating circumstances where even more accidents might occur.

Safety in the pit lane would also be an issue. At present, team personnel located on the pitwall must stand in the garage at the start of the race; presumably, then, they would have to do the same during subsequent starts.

Furthermore, concerns have been raised in some quarters that any advantage the race leader gains from dictating the pace prior to the re-start would also be lost.

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It easy to make it more exciting make sure they can overtake, put them in saloon and hatchbacks so they can over take whilst swapping paint and not wreck the car....

Hang on BTCC and WTCC already do that!

F1 is not exciting and hasn't been since the late 80's early 90's

The only way to make it more exciting is to level the playing field and make it a supplied engine and gearbox series like F3.

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That is going to lead to more first corner accidents and more saftey cars. Also will the clutch take doing 3 or 4 starts if needed?

The only way to make it more exciting would be to remove wings and aerodynamics which would level the playing field and make it more driver orientated . Trouble is you are then heading back to the cars of the sixties.

Perhaps another way would be to make the tyres narrower so there is less grip from the engine power and making it about the driver as well as the car.

Trouble is would the teams then pay all that money to enter?

I'm off to see the Friday practice this year at silverstone (most time you see the cars) so be interesting to see how they sound :-)



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