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what da hell happen here?


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So... Im still struggling trying to fix/restore my car as much as I can... So one of the things was that some of the small buttons of the "offside" from the driver side... SO, I started looking and off course, on eBay they only sell you the whole thing, so, I had to buy it because then I will have the buttons...


The "offside" arrived... going to put ONLY the 2 buttons that I needed on my scoobie... AAAAND, this happens... 


So... this is what I first saw, and bought the buttons...






And then...


(pretty mutch my reaction...)



So thats why the first 2 had the buttons in... because SOMEONE apparently drill the wholes... 




So......... what was suppose to go there that the other 2 "wholes" were stock and not drilled??? I need a Captain Obvious here.... :P









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I zoomed in on the last pic and there's a few scratch lines which look like there under the paint , has it been filled with body filler ?

What are the buttons or plugs made from ?

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Well, the buttons, are just the normal plastic ones... someone just "raped" the car before... And I have to "unrape" it apparently... Saddly to see this kind of things... Who would do such things to a car?... There are just some people......

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