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My New Toy

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Hi guys and girls well here are a pic of the new toy only had it about a couple of weeks loads to do lol.


Only a few mods which are :-


paint job obviously lol

api motor sport built engine running a nice 360 ish bhp

lightended and ballenced flywheel

paddle clutch

polished and ported heads

fast road cams

uprated fuel pump (needs changing getting like me now old lol)

uprated turbo

forge dump valve

twin headlight conversion

straight through 3.5 inch exhaust


bits I wanna get done are-


original headlights back

front mount intercooler

fuel pressure regulated system with bigger injectors possably

new remaped ecu

cold air feed

and maybe a respray back to original silver or maybe black


now doubt the list will get bigger lol





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yes that is on a standard intercooler cant keep it in the high revs for to long and have to watch the heat soak all the time but yes goes like stink but with a few more mods it will be perfect as for something different I must admit never been one to follow the crowd so to speak always like to have something that catches peoples attention they hear it coming first then they are blinded by it as it goes past lol

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do you know what I cant remember what turbo it is he did say when I took it back to api  ecu is a uk 99 with a tek 3 remap gearbox is a standard 5 speed but would like to put the 6 speed from a sti in it ill find out more info as its going in soon for a service lol

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Yes I meant the new one but not sure how it will fit weather it will just bolt on or i will need conversion plate etc

As for the lights how do I tell if they are genuine lights and also do you have a set of standards to PX with mine if i do sell cheers

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