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Hi I'm new to this owners club and I hope you can help me. I own a 61 plate Subaru Forester turbo Diesel which I've had from new - I love it. It's 3 years old in September, 34,000 miles and I'm thinking of keeping it long term. I wanted to ask if there is anything specific I should get checked out under warranty before it runs out. I tow a horse trailer with it (weight with horse in approx 900kb) about once a week.


So far I've had new front brake pads and new front rubber bushes replaced (under warranty at about 30,000). I'm also taking it in because it occasionally creaks on the back suspension so think the bushes there may need replacing also.


Any advice would be much appreciated. Thanks.

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Would be wise give suspension a good check over. Also clutches can be issue for some people so if got any concerns best chase it up.

Only other issue can be diesel injectors noisy so once again if any concerns in this area with noise or less than perfect running get it looked into.

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