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Engine light on and CRUISE flashing - P2127


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Hi guys, I've got an intermittent problem with my 2007 2.5 XTEN.


Most of the time it's perfectly OK, but occasionally it goes into "limp home" mode and I get the "engine" and "traction control" lights on solid with the "cruise" light flashing.


Checking with my Bluetooth ODBII gizmo on my phone gives P2127 which is apparently "Accelerator Position Sensor E Low Input".  I can't seem to clear the error codes either. I've reseated and cleaned the accelerator sensor connector, but the fault still happens. It's getting to be a real pain in the @rse :angry:


It's been in the garage once already, but they couldn't find the fault - surprise surprise.


My first idea was to replace the accelerator pedal, I think it's part number 36010SA001, but I bet it's going to be expensive.

Any other ideas?




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Bump -

It's went into the garage again a couple of weeks ago, they said they replaced the accelerator pedal assembly, though I'm not so sure. I don't really have any confidence in the garage, though I'm sort of stuck with them as they're owned by the dealership I bought the car from and if I want the work done under warranty I have to go to them.


The car was fine up until yesterday when it went into "limp home" mode again. Scanner shows P2127 again, and I can't clear the error either with my Bluetooth dongle using Torque on my phone or my D900 handheld scanner.

I've cleaned/reseated every connector on the ECU/accelerator pedal.

Anyone got any ideas?



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Hi mate sorry to hear it's come back again, not realy sure what to suggest, is yours a cable operated accelerator or fly by wire ?

Easy way to clear codes is to pull the Battery negative off then put your foot on the brake pedal for 30 secons or so to discharge any power left in the system and leave the Battery disconnected for half hour,

Have a look at the free ssm software on the subaru outback forum, cables can be bought on ebay/amazon and it's loads more powerfull than the handheld scanners, you may get a more detailed description of the fault

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Thanks Stanton500, it's a fly-by-wire model. It's going back to the garage today (again) so hopefully they'll find something, though I'm not holding my breath. Perhaps I should insist they farm it out to an authorised Subaru dealership for repair :P

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