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Hi mate, Welcome to the forum.


Love the front end, nice clean model. 


I've got a  2006 2.0R legacy, so we probably have the same engine. Really solid engine btw, even though its non turbo. I find that I get good MPG using Shell Vpower, so that's certainly worth doing imo.


There's a big meet on this Sunday at Lightwater Valley, should come mate.


There are details here and here

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Yeah I am thinking of getting the full car painted aswell but not sure yet firs things exhaust system and then alloys because the ones of are starting to rust a little then the windows you got any idea on what exhaust to get or do you not have a clue about it ahaha any help would be great I don't know a lot need teaching ahaha :)

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look at handling and styling mods, upgrade the brakes for decent stopping ability suspension so it corners like its on rails, on this car the exhaust is more for looks and sound so have a browse and decide what is for you some examples in link but agree with Gambit on the spoiler and yourself on addressing the wheels if they look shabby




2 door conversion kit £950 and it is wider too ;)




these guys are local to you and built the 2 door Hawkeye



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Some good advice there I am going to have a shop around about exhaust I have been meaning to pop Into revolution to get a couple of prices and there 2 door impreza looked good but I like having the 4 doors bit more practical and thinking of putting an sti wing on but not sure yet because they don't come cheap but alloys need changing desparatley but I don't have the money right now to do anything just planning and getting it ready so I know what I want

I was looking at these alloys what you guys think


Then black the windows out aswell

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Nice car mate, welcome.

I have a silver blob WRX. Got to say I prefer my wheels then they are dark and dirty all smothered in brake dust..so I'm going for a dark grey colour I think.

I have a WR Sport exhaust on mine which was a standard option. It sounds lovely. Even had a few people come up and comment [emoji16] not sure if you can get a non turbo equivalent? I just bought the back box second hand off eBay [emoji41]

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