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2000 Sport Air Box

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Afternoon all


im really struggling to see what benefit the standard air flow box is actually doing on my Sport?


The previous owner has removed their old induction kit and fitted the standard box back in but it appears to be just an empty plastic rig that isnt really doing much?


My idea was to remove the whole thing and start a aluminium cold feed pipe from the top of the engine round the left and place a cone filter?


also I cant seem to locate a MAF sensor? does a sport non turbo even have one?


Any help or advice would be much appreciated.





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Hello, I'd say the airbox should have a paper filter in it, pop down to your local motor factors and buy one it can't be doing your engine much good . As for the maf if it has one it should be on the right hand side of the airbox little square balck unit inbetween the box and the intake pipe,

Can you take a pic of your engine bay and post it up maybe one of our n/a owners will be able to see if anything's out of palce

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