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Hatch STi/WRX 2008- mud flaps from PERFORMANCE CREATIONS

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For those who've not seen them yet, I've now got the NEW GENERATION II Performance Creation Mud Flaps for the Hatch, they arrived on Friday from Ian. So this afternoon I re fitted the new style. I had to whip off the old ones (again from Performance Creations) easy to do when you know how, and re fit the newly designed style.


Better design on the front flat to the originals I had (left pic).


The new ones are 4mm thick compared to the 3mm the 'old' ones were. Also you can slightly move in or out the front flaps depending what look you want.






Really pleased they have less material on the fronts as I did find my gravel drive liked to hide itself behind the excess flap ;)




They fitted a treat in the same fixing holes I made when I fitted the Generation 1's last year.


Rears were a simple unclip and un do one support bolt.

Nice new Nut/Bolt fittings were sent from Ian too, I did use the black bracket supports from the flaps I took off, as I only fitted new ones of those last week :doh:







The fronts were a case of just removing the old push in clip studs. (new ones are supplied) 

Having the option of adjustment is good too, I put mine more out than in ;)




You can see how there is more clearance and not a pocket to hide thing in



and in place....20140709_172842_zpseqzkvblu.jpg




Once again really pleased with Ian @ performance creations customer service, nothing is too much trouble.



When I get chance I'll get some better pix of them on the car in the open air. 

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Do you find that you have to be careful parking? I haven't fitted any to the hatch as I kept ripping my rear bumper off the classic when the flaps got trapped between tyre and kerb.




eeeer no! how close do you park to the kerb?? I have a plank to step across from car to the pavement when I park.



get some flaps Pete, it finishes the car off!! ;)

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I do park quite far away from the kerb these days, with the classic there was the odd occasion where parking spaces were tight and it took a fair bit of monauevering to get in a space 12 inches bigger than car. That's the problem living where I do parking is a real nightmare sometimes.

Had a look at the website for yours and I may look at an eBay alternative as funds are a bit tight at the mo.

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