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Just bought 57 plate Impreza WRX


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Morning all,


Just bought my first Impreza at the weekend after owning a Toyota mr-s for the last 7 years.  I had been mulling over buying one for so long, and then last week, impulse got the best of me.  Mr-s traded in, and Impreza acquired.


This seems like a really decent forum with good discussions and people helping each other out so i'd like to contribute to that where i can!


I've tried attaching a pic of my new baby! 


Nice to meet you all!





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Hi Ross welcome to S.O.C  

Lovely looking car, any plans of things you do to her or are you keeping it standard. And great impulse buy :)


I'll keep her standard just now.  I'd be interested to know what worthwhile upgrades can be applied to the WRX at relatively low cost i.e. induction upgrade etc.


I totally didn't consider the Dukes of Hazard banter when picking my username.....DOH!


Cheers for the nice comments guys, the hatchback WRX seems to be a bit of a hit or miss when it comes to the scooby purists, but i totally fell in love with it after seeing it and taking it out for a spin.  It's my first turbo car as well, so it'll be a while before that novelty has worn off  :)

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