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If your immature like me and have headlight washers please read.


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Well I have made improvements on my car soaker lol.

A mates dad made the first one on my green gl, now ive made it better.

. Disconnect the drivers side washer pipe

. Use the pipe on the passanger side as its longer and reaches the bumper better.

. Blank the other end

. Make sure its sealed properly for maximum power and distance lol.

. A 5/32 socket fits lovely in the end of the pipe.

. Angle appropriately

. Fill washer bottle with the finest tap water or whatever your brave enough to use.

. Hahahahahahaha

I will forewarn everyone who is gunna make one it is hilarious and can get you into alot of bother.

I will say its a great laugh though.

It goes roughly 5-7 metres.


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Yes driver cam needed

I will try and get some entertaining vids once the bumpers are on etc.

My mate tried to put domestos and pink food colouring in my green gl which to be honset is a bbit far fairy liquid and water is entertaining enough.

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