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Hello welcome, very capable car and puts a smile in my face every day, what kind of mpg are you getting at the moment out of your vectra ?

Urban I get about 21 ish mpg, longer runs and motorway cruising off boost takes it up to a more reasonable 30-32 mpg

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Ah well sacrifice for smiles is much better :-D

Is it a uk car or an import ?

As for the mods ask for paperwork, uk cars came with smaller turbos and other different bits so getting 260 out of it would require more work than an import which should be able to reach that with just a remap.

Don't know if your aware but they only like to use vpower too

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Other fuels work just not as well.

Seems to be Shell, sainsburys, tecso/esso, in that order.

Thy just seem to like the Shell better foe some reason.

Yeah sounds about right as the uk cars came with td03 standard. Make sure it has had a remap I'm sure it will have had to take into account for the turbo and solenoid mods but always better to ask. And ask what fuel it's been mapped on, Depending on who has mapped it may have 2 switchable ones for high octane and regular fuel :-D

If it has all that dont expect to get millions of miles from a tank it will be far too much fun and very addictive, the look on peoples faces is priceless when they have been shown up by a respectable family wagon :-)

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Sorry I could have sworn I replied to this,

Heads going is a tricky one, standard cars are pretty reliable only ones I've really read about have been putting lots of power out .

As for mileage from a tank 330-350 is the best I've had

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