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Groaning Impreza - problem or usual?


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Hi All,

Just collected my first Subaru today, it is an Impreza GX Sport AWD 2003, it is splendid apart from a groaning kind of noise. It is constant, you go from 1st to 2nd (and through the gears) and as the speed increases the so does the 'groan' then it settles and is a loud (ish) constant groan all the time, when you slow down (to a near stop) it quietens. There is no noise with the engine idling (although the noise isn't coming from the engine bay) it sounds like it is coming from under the car around half way down.

So is this 'noise' usual or do i have some kind of problem?

All ideas are gratefully received.


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Hello, could be the diffs or gearbox, maybe change all the fulids and see if that cures it, do you know the service history of the car ?

Can you get a sound clip of the noise and post up ? Maybe someone will be able to diagnose what it is that way

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Yes, once you get up to speed the sound is there all the time until you stop, it increases in loudness (to a certain level) then stays at that level, even out of gear and coasting the sound is still there, it doesn't increase or decrease with gear change.....that has no effect.

Any further ideas?

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it sounds to me like a wheel bearing. it can be very difficult to determine which one it is when driving as the sound can deceive you. I would also check the gear box oil level to be sure . there should be a dipstick around the bulk head to check this.

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