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Finally, Coilovers Fitted

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Hi chaps, well its been a long wait but I have finally fitted my coilovers today. 

I decided in the end on a set of adjustable MDU's from Malasia, (due to funds). I read all the reviews I could find, some really good and some bad, anyways, they were £400 with free delivery, amazingly, from pushing the 'buy it now' button, they arrived in four days. 

Fitment was relatively straight forward with all holes and fittings matching up nicely.


I still need to have the tracking done elsewhere as the front is too low for this garages equipment.


If anyones interested I can keep you guys informed of how they do over the next few months.


And of course some self gratification pics. (camera phone, sorry)



post-2009-0-10726200-1406915159_thumb.jp     post-2009-0-20939800-1406915178_thumb.jp


And after (wheels have been on for a while)


post-2009-0-61586100-1406915286_thumb.jp     post-2009-0-34405700-1406915296_thumb.jp


post-2009-0-11308400-1406915310_thumb.jp     post-2009-0-79165000-1406915325_thumb.jp


post-2009-0-23783300-1406915346_thumb.jp     post-2009-0-81905000-1406915412_thumb.jp


post-2009-0-09417500-1406915393_thumb.jp     post-2009-0-14077600-1406915365_thumb.jp






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I've only done about 5 miles since fitting, but so far they feel solid, I have set them to maximum stiffness for now purely because I find it easier to adjust from that standpoint.


Once they settle and they're aligned correctly I will keep adjusting until I get that happy medium of performance and drive ability.  

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Seen a set from the states that works out a little bit less but are the same ones, did you pay import tax ? after a set once ive got the ECU out of the way. Much better stance as well mate Congrats

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Cheers Ash, very happy with the stance myself.


Are you looking at the ones from 'speedyracer' ?


No import tax but the packaging had been opened before i received it, I assumed customs had looked inside but who knows.

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