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Sending license off to DVLA


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I've been quiet recently due to work but still have the scooby which (for me) is good news. Today I passed my A test and kept license as I need it for Hire car next week whats the process when I get back for getting this glorious category added to my license. Im a bit nervous about sending off the proof of me passing the test to never see it again and only gamble on it coming back with an A on the back.


help pls!!

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Hi mate, congrats on passing your bike test. I did mine 2 years ago, best thing I ever did

Send your licence and proof of passing to dvla, you'll get them both back and you'll have A added to your licence. Think I got mine back two weeks after sending them.

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i understand your fear as they made 3 times mistakes by taking one of the letters (class) of my licence when i needed it to send to Swansea.

this was needed when i got my ADR licence and needed to exchange my Dutch licence into a UK licence years back. first i lost my A after sending it back i lost my BE and A was back, and finally after sending it back for the 3rd time they still took BE off as there wasn't space enough on the plastic card to put all my licence classes on it!

after talking with the Supervisor they agreed to make a notice in there system incase the Police was calling in verifying if i had indeed BE. the logic behind their decision to take BE of was that i do have CE / DE and if you do have CE / DE you diffidently do have BE  :huh:


anyway i still have a scan of my original Dutch licence with all the letters (AM/A/B1/B/BE/C1/C/D1/D/CE1/CE/D1E/DE/f/k/p/q classes) on it  B)


so make sure you make copies / scans for the originals as you will need to send only the originals to the DVLA clowns @ Swansea

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I'm in a similar situation. I have grandfathered C+E rights for wagon and drag; I'm also qualified for BE and C1E by the same rules - but if I lose or give up my Class C, then I lose the right to haul a full sized (7500kg) trailer with a C1, but can only haul 750kg. What it does to my BE I'm not sure - will it mean I can no longer tow my caravan? 

As usual, a bunch of semi-ignorant bureaucrats have done a half-assed job of rewriting a set of rules that were perfectly all right as they were...


Don't you just love government?

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