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Cambelt change


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Hello all,


Quick question for anyone who might know.


I recently bought a 57 plate Impreza WRX and the mileage is approaching 70k miles.  I'm aware that it's about this time when the cambelt should be changed.


Can anyone advise what symptoms I should look out for that point towards needing a new cambelt, and how much that kind of work will set me back?


I'm based up in Aberdeen, so if anyone can also recommend a garage that are particularly keen about Subaru's that would also be helpful. 





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Yeah get it done ASAP. Prices seem to vary as I have paid £350 to get mine done but that may have been a mates rate as he used by a lot of my local scooby club members.

Make sure they replace the tensioners and pullies as well as the belt, this may bump the price up a bit but better to be safe than sorry.

Don't go to a generic garage look for a Scooby specialist in your area.

Google for any local clubs in Aberdeen and join their forum aswell as here. Local knowledge is always good.

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Cheers for the responses guys.  I was hoping that there would be some tell tale signs of when the belt should be changed.  I know of a Subaru specialist / dealer in Aberdeenshire, so I'll give him a call for a quote.


When I get this done I'll post back with my experience for anyone else in the Aberdeenshire area too.



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