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rattle on pistons

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Hi I recently had some work done on my suburu remap while it was being remaped the workshop tech guy said theres no rattle on my pistons I thought no play the better evidently not according to this guy is he talking out of his **** ?

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5 30 vavoline

My pistons are cosworth he just done a power run then he remarked on the rattle ie no rattle .had them fitted 2200 miles ago now think they should ave been warmed up by doing the power run thou ?

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What grade oil is always a can of worms lol , but if your cossie pistons don't make a noise when cold (like tappets) then I'd say that their running tight ish clearances ,So I wouldn't jump to many grades of oil at once .

Mabye see how a 10w 40 goes as it will only flow slightly slower, but will only be a grade thicker @ 100°

I do agree with ash as well [emoji106]

as i used millers 10 w 40 running in oil (mineral) and then switched to 10w 50 millers nano drive fully synthetic .

my mahle race spec pistons are only running half the power their set for and are noisy up to 90° oil temp .

But ,just like the wife, they shut up and do their job well when I spank em [emoji39]

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I went back to them when I had 1500 on them he did a oil change n filter he put in 5 30 I bought car of a dealer and two days later pistons went hence why I got cossie pistons anyhow it was under warenty no he didn't say about change the grade of the oil .

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