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Bugeye problem


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Right here we're go my bug eye engine went pop so replaced piston rings etc refitted into car and ten mile later turbo went was like car was missing but it was not it was like turbo stall and wen removed turbo turbine bent and propeller but was off fitted another turbo and same happened again then noticed one head gasket was leaking removed engine and done again and fitted new boost solinoid as old was sticking open fitted a tdo5 16g instead of standard tdo4 now car is running real lumpy and poping thro exhaust and multi scan showing p0113 p0102 and p0340 disconnected mag wit car running car revs up checked earths etc plz can any one help

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Wotcha and welcome - as Stanton said a map for the new turbo would probably be the first step - you could also get it set to run mafless


also did you skim the heads before reassembly as they may have warped through excessive heat when your engine let go - really strange you are repeatedly bending blades on the turbo?

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